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All Demers ambulances meet or exceed the highest standards, including:
> DOT: US Department of Transportation > FMVSS: US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations > CMVSS: Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards > QVM: Qualified Vehicle Modifier (Ford) > AMD: Ambulance Manufacturers Division of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) > KKK: Federal Specification for the Star of Life Ambulance (KKK-A-1822F) > Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care > Applicable certification for Western Canada
> DQR&S: Design, Quality, Reliability and Safety > A sure investment > The best vehicle possible, thanks to strict manufacturing quality control processes > A vehicle that always respects both American and Canadian motor vehicle safety requirements since it's designed to meet whichever standard is the highest > Increased resale options because it qualifies for use in several jurisdictions > Assurance that your vehicle is engineered, built & tested to meet the most stringent standards in the world