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Vision, mission, values
Our Vision

At Demers Ambulances, we aim to be a recognized world leader in ambulance manufacturing.

We’ll realize our vision by:

  • Building safe, reliable ambulances that stand out in the market while being functional and efficient.
  • Maintaining close ties with our customers. Offering outstanding after-sales service.
  • Having employees that are motivated and proud to work for Demers Ambulances.
  • Having suppliers that are partners in our success and growth.
  • Maintaining a distribution network adapted to each segment and region.
Our mission

To build innovative, safe and reliable ambulances that facilitates the work of ambulance attendants worldwide so that they may assist the population and save lives.

Our values

We believe we must think and act differently, while continuously improving efficiency.

To do this, we favour open exchanges, we promote creativity, we devote the necessary time and energy, and we pledge to learn from our mistakes.

Rigour and Discipline

“Say what we’re going to do, do what we say we’re going to do and document it.”

We make a point of doing the requisite follow-ups and adjustments to meet the delivery of our products and services, in terms of quality and time.


Our employees feel proud to work for Demers Ambulances. Involved and responsible, our employees are intent on doing their jobs well, and committed to seeking continuous improvement.


The secret to the success of our innovative solutions is open collaboration. Effective teamwork relies on healthy relationships and regular sharing of knowledge and experience.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in the importance of being transparent and developing professional relations that conform to our core values.

We strive to maintain our reputation for excellence built on the mutual trust that has been established between the company, its employees, its customers, and its suppliers.


Consideration for others is a fundamental element in our communications, actions and the execution of our work.

Growth and Profitability

All our decisions must be driven by customer satisfaction, along with the impact on the company’s costs and profitability.