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Innovative Engineering
Innovative Engineering
Testing & Certification
Testing & Certification
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The Demers Engineering staff of 25 people includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Design Technicians as well as Mechanical Craftsmen responsible for the manufacturing of prototype vehicles. All are dedicated to innovation throughout the engineering process, paying tremendous attention to any and every detail that can contribute to a stronger, safer, smarter ambulance.

Our engineering team is central to our mission: to exceed industry standards and delight our customers, building innovative ambulances that DELIVER on customer expectations and assist them in saving lives.

Demers Key Innovations




The primary role of the ambulance is to provide paramedics with a safe and efficient work environment, which ultimately can help save lives. Another important benefit of an ergonomically sound design is fewer work-related injuries. To that end, Demers has implemented several ergonomic initiatives over the years, and we continue to design products that are ergonomically sound, while never compromising on safety.

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Modular Structure and Corner Extrusions

The key structural difference in a Demers ambulance starts with a lighter weight, all-aluminum construction.
This not only allows for additional payload but also to provide higher torsional and flexural rigidity as well as more weld surface for beams and cross members. This contributes to a stronger and safer end product. This design provides a better fit and finish, plus it delivers a better ride, with less demand on the suspension system.

The process starts with the Demers Engineering Department, who completely model the module in 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software. The model is then broken down into its component parts. Each wall, roof, and floor structure becomes a separate assembly.

The module is fully tested to meet the most stringent standards in the world.

/assets/pages/video/module-structure.flv Module Structure

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Multiplex Electronic and Electrical System Integration

This seamless, adaptable, robust and reliable system contributes several value-added features. Specifically designed for flexibility, the program and system can be customized to meet specific needs. Plus, through Cyber Connection, a Demers specialist can “plug in” the system remotely and service the vehicle’s electric and electronic systems from virtually everywhere in the world.

In fact, Demers has developed the technology that can remotely access the customer’s Multiplex system in his ambulance to diagnose, download and repair the system if necessary.

Multiplex Controller Area Network (CAN) :

  • ECU can be either touchpad, switchplex, modules and any suitable components.
  • In Demers ambulances, all ECUs communicate together via a communication cable.
  • They are all independent (as per their address) and do not always required any others to work properly
    (this is useful when troubleshooting).
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Aerodynamic Design

The head-turning aerodynamic roofline of a Demers ambulance provides many advantages: up to 14% fuel economy, low wind resistance, less wind noise, and better handling.

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Heads-Up Console

One of the major ergonomic attributes of the ambulances manufactured by Demers is our industry-leading Heads Up Console (HUC). The purpose of the HUC is to have the controls in close reach, near the steering wheel and, most importantly, located within the peripheral vision of the driver while his or her eyes are on the road.

The HUC has been used in Demers ambulances since 1992. Its benefits are greatly appreciated by users because of the improved visibility and access of the controls and the siren, especially when the ambulance is running HOT.

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Mobility Track Seating

Mobility Track Seating—a Demers exclusive—allows an ergonomic circle of positions for free, secure movement. Mounted on a sliding track base which meets FMVSS 207 & 210 standards, the seat allows the paramedic to move to the best possible position to treat the patient while staying seated and safely belted.

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Multiplex Remote Switch Banks

The Multiplex Remote Swith Banks allows convenient access to the most frequently used switches. Demers has also improved ergonomics with the introduction of additional switch banks for the control of patient module lights, temperature, suction, and exhaust fans. This feature allows the paramedic to access all vital controls of the patient compartment without having to get up.

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Engineering Team Employee at work at engineering Engineering employees