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Testing & Certification
Testing & Certification
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The Demers Engineering staff of 25 people includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Design Technicians as well as Mechanical Craftsmen responsible for the manufacturing of prototype vehicles. All are dedicated to innovation throughout the engineering process, paying tremendous attention to any and every detail that can contribute to a stronger, safer, smarter ambulance.

Our engineering team is central to our mission: to exceed industry standards and delight our customers, building innovative ambulances that DELIVER on customer expectations and assist them in saving lives.

Demers Key Innovations




Our vehicles are fully tested to ensure safety and functionality. Since we sell our products in multiple regions, each with its own performance criteria, we ensure that testing is always done to the most stringent requirement. This allows us to offer the product to the widest range of possible customers and ensures that we always meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

Demers Ambulances has a dedicated and dynamic team of professionals with over ten years experience in the field of testing and certification. Over the years, our team has taken part and completed tests for the certification of over forty different ambulance models.

95% of all testing is done in house, overlooked (when needed) by the regional inspector to ensure testing conformity. Being able to perform tests in house allows us to adjust specific tests to the requirements of a customer and to the applicable standards in its region. In certain cases, we call upon the services of two outside independent laboratories, including PMG Technologies and the Quebec Industrial Research Center (C.R.I.Q). These certified laboratories are mandated to carry-out tests that meet specific customer needs and requirements such as climatic chamber testing & the electromagnetic and suppression device conformity.

When conducting our tests, we use the strictest of known testing methods on the market today, applicable to ambulance manufacturing. We can, thereby, guarantee our customers the best possible product.

Demers Ambulances are built to the following standards:

  • DOT of USA
  • KKK-1822-F revision
  • AMD / NTEA
  • NQ1013-110 (BNQ)
  • British Columbia MOH (Ministry of Health)
  • Island EMS MOH
  • Ontario MOH
  • Alberta MOH
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Demers' 3 pillars of product testing
Safety First

Demers Ambulances’ approach to product development is based first and foremost on safety. Product development testing is supervised and coordinated by a member of the engineering team, independent of the development teams. The product is thereby certified by a team independent of the development teams.

Tested to the Highest Standards

Due to the fact the we must perform tests for different regions in 20 countries around the world where we sell our products, each of which has different compliance standard, Demers Ambulances will always perform the test on all its models to meet the most stringent requirement. As a consequence we exceed the requirements of most testing standards and are able to offer our products in all regions.

Qualified & Dedicated Team

Ensures a full comprehension of the test standard, repeatability of the testing processes, complete and accurate documentation to demonstrate the full conformity of Demers ambulances. As a world-class manufacturer, Demers Ambulances has in house testing capabilities that have developed expertise to perform 95% of all required tests, including static load tests, pull tests for pressure vessels, FMVSS test for seating requirements, lighting, sound and voltage tests.

Engineering Team Employee at work at engineering Engineering employees