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DEMERS’ SUSTAINABLE APPROACH is made up of objectives for the sustainable development of the product we manufacture and our activities’ footprint. These objectives are based on performance indicators that enable us to more than just describe our achievements.

By developing more sustainable products, we also help our customers meet their own sustainable economic, environmental and social objectives.

Our management philosophy, our over 50 years of experience in vehicle modification and manufacturing and our ongoing research and development efforts are some of the strengths that enable us to manufacture ambulances that are increasingly respectful of the environment. We contribute tirelessly to building a better future on the environmental, social and economic fronts.

Demers Ambulances works toward sustainability through:

Anti-idling System (Demers Electrical Management System)

Objective: Innovate to address customers’ need to significantly reduce their fuel and maintenance costs.

New in 2011! The all-new Demers ECOSmart Anti-Idling System is exclusive to ambulances equipped with the Demers Electrical Management System (DEMS) and offers to the EMS provider automatic fuel saving.

The DEMS has been in use for over 10 years in over 2,000 Demers ambulances worldwide. It is a proven robust system requiring minimum maintenance, representing less than 0.1% of warranty occurrences. Its unique design and configuration allow for up to 60% less wiring and 70 lbs. less weight. This results in faster and easier solutions and reduced downtime.

The Demers ECOSmart Anti-Idling System offers:

  • Over 40% reduction in fuel consumption during idle time
  • Economies of $1,500 to $2,000 in fuel costs per year
  • A noteworthy impact on the environment, with reductions of 4.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • Reduced engine hours and therefore increased time between service checks
  • Longer life for the engine, chassis and ambulance
  • Better resale value or absorption of asset over longer time

The Demers Electrical Management/Multiplex System lets you set criteria for when the vehicle goes into anti-idling ECOSmart mode.

In ECOSmart mode:

  • The system determines if the vehicle’s engine needs to be running to provide both the required electrical power and maintain temperature parameters in the patient compartment.
  • The engine is turned off but all systems that were operational remain so, including emergency lights, heating, cooling, etc.
  • The vehicle stays off until the temperature in the patient compartment goes outside preset limits or there is a voltage drop in any battery bank.
  • It then restarts and runs for a minimum of 10 minutes for voltage drop and until ECO conditions are re-established.
  • The anti-idling system disengages when the vehicle is restarted with a key or shifted out of Park.
  • For security reason the anti-idling system is automatically disabled when the hood is opened.

ECOSmart System is an option available now on new units, and also as a retrofit kit for all our models built within the last 7 years, that are equipped with our DEMS multiplex system.

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