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DEMERS’ SUSTAINABLE APPROACH is made up of objectives for the sustainable development of the product we manufacture and our activities’ footprint. These objectives are based on performance indicators that enable us to more than just describe our achievements.

By developing more sustainable products, we also help our customers meet their own sustainable economic, environmental and social objectives.

Our management philosophy, our over 50 years of experience in vehicle modification and manufacturing and our ongoing research and development efforts are some of the strengths that enable us to manufacture ambulances that are increasingly respectful of the environment. We contribute tirelessly to building a better future on the environmental, social and economic fronts.

Demers Ambulances works toward sustainability through:

Health And Safety Health And Safety Health And Safety Health And Safety Health and Safety Council Health & Safety Innovations Award

Objective: Increase the Health, Safety and Well-Being Index.

Health and safety is a fundamental component of our philosophy at Demers Ambulances. Protecting employees is a daily concern for all team members.

We currently have several initiatives to manage activities while ensuring an optimal work environment for all of our employees:

  • Involvement of all employees in our prevention activities
  • Health and Safety Council that meets on a monthly basis
  • Individual protective equipment for employees
  • Proactive resolution of work injuries
  • Crisis Management Plan

In 2010, Demers Ambulances employees received a Health and Safety Innovations Award from the CSST, Quebec’s health and safety regulatory board.

Health And Safety Health And Safety Health And Safety Health And Safety Health And Safety council Health & Safety Innovations Award