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DEMERS’ SUSTAINABLE APPROACH is made up of objectives for the sustainable development of the product we manufacture and our activities’ footprint. These objectives are based on performance indicators that enable us to more than just describe our achievements.

By developing more sustainable products, we also help our customers meet their own sustainable economic, environmental and social objectives.

Our management philosophy, our over 50 years of experience in vehicle modification and manufacturing and our ongoing research and development efforts are some of the strengths that enable us to manufacture ambulances that are increasingly respectful of the environment. We contribute tirelessly to building a better future on the environmental, social and economic fronts.

Demers Ambulances works toward sustainability through:


Objective: Increase our productivity in order to maintain our high quality standards while limiting manufacturing costs.

Demers has implemented a program to increase the productivity of our assembly line, which directly impacts on manufacturing costs and therefore on ambulance prices.

The following actions helped to significantly increase the productivity of our manufacturing processes in 2010 only:

  • Measuring and evaluating our progress
  • Developing our human resources to upgrade the organization’s competencies:
    • Empowerment of employees and team leaders
    • Establishment of better work methods and training of all employees via our internal trainers
  • Improving communications to foster employee commitment

We also considerably improved the quality of the product on the first attemps, reduced the number of repair hours per month, from 320 to 80, and we cut the number of overtime production hours to nearly 0.

Moreover, in May 2011, Demers Ambulances was awarded First Prize in the area of Increased Productivity by the FCCQ, Quebec’s federation of chambers of commerce.

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