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DEMERS’ SUSTAINABLE APPROACH is made up of objectives for the sustainable development of the product we manufacture and our activities’ footprint. These objectives are based on performance indicators that enable us to more than just describe our achievements.

By developing more sustainable products, we also help our customers meet their own sustainable economic, environmental and social objectives.

Our management philosophy, our over 50 years of experience in vehicle modification and manufacturing and our ongoing research and development efforts are some of the strengths that enable us to manufacture ambulances that are increasingly respectful of the environment. We contribute tirelessly to building a better future on the environmental, social and economic fronts.

Demers Ambulances works toward sustainability through:

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50 Years
Qualified Workforce

Objective: Attract and retain a qualified workforce

“Our employees are our most important asset”– Alain Brunelle, President and General Manager

Since its foundation in 1960, Demers Ambulances has believed that the company’s team members are its primary asset. Their expertise, experience and skills place them at the forefront of the emergency-vehicle industry. Many have considerable experience in the ambulance industry, either as paramedics or EMS providers (service owners). This range of experience contributes to our understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations.

Demers Ambulances makes it a point of honor to contribute to each team member’s professional development on an ongoing basis. This is one of the key factors that have allowed us to achieve world-class status!

Between 2009 and 2011, Demers Ambulances put in place the following major projects for plant employees:

  • Implementation of a principle of core competencies, guaranteeing proficiency in these competencies for employees gaining access to key positions
  • Development of our team leaders, in order to empower them in the area of operations management and to strengthen their team-management skills
  • Development of mechanical and electrical training to standardize work methods
  • Development of internal trainers with the mandate to train all production employees on the appropriate mechanical or electrical modules
  • Internal training to enable employees to acquire key competencies (welding, basic electricity, crimping, etc.)
  • And many other training courses that help our employees achieve the set objectives
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