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November 02, 2011 - Beloeil, Québec



Demers Ambulances, Canadian leader and one of North America’s largest ambulance manufacturers, is proud to announce that their EcoSmart System, received the TOP INNOVATION AWARD 2011 from EMS World, the largest media group in the Emergency Medical Services Industry in North America.

The EcoSmart System is an intelligent and economical solution that helps reduce the idle time of an ambulance. This exclusive system to Demers, automatically stops the engine after a few minutes of idle time and helps regulate the inside temperature and the other electrical features. When the batteries hit a certain voltage level or the ambient temperature goes down, the EcoSmart System then automatically restarts the engine.  Not only does this intelligent system reduce idle time and automatically restarts the engine, it also allows for important cost savings.

« An ambulance can consume several liters of fuel per hour during idle time while the motor is running. The EcoSmart System can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% which translates into savings of anywhere from $1500.00 and $2000.00 per year. Not only does the EcoSmart System reduce costs, there is a noteworthy impact on the environment with reductions of 4.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year, per vehicle. Furthermore, the fleet owners know that by reducing idle time, they are also reducing maintenance costs required on the engine life span », declared Mr. Alain Brunelle, President and General Manager, Demers Ambulances.

«It’s an eloquent demonstration of the passion, dedication and attention to detail that the Demers team of employees put into their work. We understand the needs of the industry and the ambulance services are seeking a greater efficiency in the management of their fleets. We are working passionately to design ambulances with innovations that help in advancing the technological standards. Receiving this award confirms our approach: detail by detail, we raise the bar in the industry where each specific detail can make a difference and where each second counts when saving lives », added Mr. Brunelle.


About EMS World Top Innovation Award

The Top Innovation Awardsfrom EMS World are given to products introduced to the market in the calendar year and after a very precise and strict process. All entrees are submitted to the editorial board of the group. Thirty finalists are selected. The final selection of 20 top products is made by the independent head judge of the committee, Mike Smith, BS, MICP, Program Chair for the Emergency Medical Services Program at the Tacoma Community College in Tacoma, WA, and an editorial advisory board member for EMS World Magazine.


About EMS World

EMS World provides EMS news and training for paramedics and EMTs, as well as other prehospital practitioners and public safety responders. It serves members of all EMS delivery models including fire-based EMS, municipal EMS agencies, volunteer EMS agencies and private EMS services. EMS World publishes EMS World Magazine, produces the annual EMS World Expo and operates EMSWorld.com


About Demers Ambulances

Demers Ambulances is the Canadian leader in ambulance design, manufacture and distribution and one of the largest firms in North America. 2010 marks 50 years of success for Demers, with more than 15,000 ambulances sold to customers in over 20 countries. With advanced products that consistently meet and exceed expectations of emergency services specialists around the world, Demers Ambulances is recognized as an innovator in ambulance engineering, introducing and perfecting details that keep paramedics and occupants safe while meeting today’s global challenges.

Accredited by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in the USA within their “Member Verification Program”, by the US Department Of Transportation  and by Transport Canada, approved up fitter for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter* Customer Assurance Program and, also recognized as a “Qualified Vehicles Modifier” (QVM) by the Ford Motor Company, Demers Ambulances meets the highest standards in the industry. Demers Ambulances is a member of the Ambulance Manufacturers Division, and a pride sponsor of the American Ambulance Association and the EMS Chiefs of Canada.To learn more about Demers Ambulances, visit demers-ambulances.com


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