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Aerodynamic roofline
Aerodynamic roofline
Heads-up console
Heads-up console
Multiplex System
Multiplex System
Mobility track seating
Mobility track seating

With over 15,000 units in numerous countries worldwide, Demers ambulances are engineered for both extreme conditions outside and optimal safety inside. Because Demers has never lost sight of the ultimate goal: to keep EMS specialists safe so they can keep on saving lives. In fact, their huge success has come by thinking outside the box, examining every detail that may contribute to a safer or more efficient working environment in and around the ambulance.

Driven by the philosophy that every single detail contributes to a superior vehicle, Demers has been raising the bar, making ambulances which exceed the sum of their parts and are standouts in the industry.


Demers field service coordinator providing assistance via remote Multiplex CyberLink.

Cyber Connection

For an emergency vehicle, the less downtime the better – and Demers' solution is unique and ingenious. Every Demers ambulance is equipped with a standard Multiplex Demers Electronic Management System (DEMS) that offers full operational flexibility to easily customize the vehicle’s electronic functions to specific needs.

If a dealership is too far away, or if a service technician needs support, a Demers specialist can “plug in” the system remotely and service the vehicle’s electric and electronic systems from virtually everywhere in the world.

In fact, Demers is the only manufacturer that can remotely access the customer’s Multiplex system in his ambulance to diagnose, download and repair the system if necessary.

Mobility Track Seating

In a constantly evolving work environment, Demers gives your team ultimate full access to critical equipment and controls, and the freedom to provide optimum hands-on patient care.

The Mobility Track allows an ergonomic circle of positions for free yet secured movement. It is mounted on a crash stable sliding track base to allow the technician to move the seat to the best possible position to treat the patient while staying seated and safely belted. The curb side seat back also folds down, providing support for a backboard or stretcher should a second supine patient need to be transported.

Mystere MX 170S’ exclusive Heads-Up Console on dashboard.

The Heads-Up Console

As the smallest distraction at high speeds can be disastrous for everyone aboard, Demers came up with their exclusive Heads-Up Console (HUC) on the dashboard, that provides easy access to ambulance features and controls while letting drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Mirage EX Sprinter aerodynamic roof design.

Aerodynamic design

The head-turning aerodynamic lines of a Demers ambulance aren’t just cool to look at – they can save up to a cool 14% in fuel costs depending on the ambulance type and model. And every Demers ambulance is equipped standard with this signature aerodynamic roof design with incorporated LED warning lights for enhanced safety.

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Cabinetry construction of lightweight materials.

Clever Cabinetry

Even a pothole can cause harm when the inside of an ambulance is all sharp corners. And over time, most wood cabinetry deteriorates, rattles and lowers the resale value. So all Demers ambulances, type 2 included, have cabinetry construction of lightweight materials combining Demers-exclusive “Interlock” rounded aluminum extrusion with modular fiberglass cabinet inserts, shatterproof Lexan doors and aluminum panels for a safer work environment, long-lasting interior, better fuel economy and optimal resale value.

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