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MXP 150
The MXP 150 is our first to combine a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details, like greater insulation and isolation from the harsh elements.
MXP150 - 1 - Aerodynamic roof design with incorporated full LED

Aerodynamic roof design with incorporated full LED warning lights (2 clear & 4 red) for greater visibility, durability of lighting, fuel cost savings and, the cab riser isolates occupants from wind noise

MXP150 - Insulation

Superior insulation from the elements for EMTs, patient and driver comfort

MXP150 - 3 - 72’‘_headroom

72” interior headroom

MXP150 - 4 - Module_aluminium

150”L x 95”W modular body, an all-aluminum structure, fully welded, with single sheet side walls & roof, and ample exterior storage

MXP - 150_4bis_Heads-up_console

Exclusive Heads-Up Console (HUC) on dashboard provides easy access to ambulance features while letting drivers keep their eyes on the road for increased safety

MXP - 150_5_Cabinetry_construction

Cabinetry construction of lightweight materials combining Demers-exclusive “Interlock” rounded aluminum extrusion with modular fiberglass cabinet inserts, shatterproof Lexan doors and aluminum panels for a safer work environment, long-lasting interior and better fuel economy

MXP - 150_6_ALS_compartment

Spacious compartment on front wall equipped with adjustable shelves plus a lockable drawer (options: lockable IV warmer compartment with 12V (1) & 110V (1) outlets)

MXP - 150_7_Crawl_through

Spacious front cabin with standard pass-through window view to module (option: crawl through with pivoting door)

MXP - 150_8_Multiplex_system

Standard Demers Electronic Multiplex System (DEMS) offering full operational flexibility to easily customize the vehicle’s electronic functions to specific needs. Access from large exterior door for easy access and maintenance


A/C ducted across the ceiling diffusing the air with adjustable vents

MXP - 150_9ter_a_Separate_multiplex_Rear_console

Separate Multiplex controlled heating & A/C systems for maximum efficiency and for easier diagnostics and service. 


New Exclusive Demers Diffusion AIRFLOW System; integrated heating system projecting heat bellow the medical cabinet allowing the airflow across the floor, deflecting on the walls in a diffuse fashion for gentle heating (no direct air stream on occupant)

MXP150 - 10 - Grille_mounted_speakers

100-watt electronic siren with dual grille-mounted speakers ideal for sound projection and inside cab comfort

MXP150 - 11a_Emergency_door_override_system

Emergency door override system increases occupant safety in case of evacuation after an accident

Dual seal protection safeguards onboard environment from outside contamination. Door latch protection for long durability

MXP150 - 13a_Stainless_corner_left

30” stainless steel corner and front outside module protector

MXP150 - 14a_Exterior_stowage_D1

Multiple exterior stowage compartments – one for 1 scoop and 2 backboards, ked and sager, - one for OEM battery and other gear – one electrical compartment with adjustable shelf and - one for spare tire and tools

MXP150 - 15a_Oxygen_compartment

Main oxygen bottle in exterior compartment with window view from rear control center (option: stowage for hydraulic oxygen cylinder)

Exterior hidden unlock switch

MXP150 - 16a_Rear_clock

Standard electric clock on back wall (option: digital clock)

MXP150 - 17a_sub_floor_plywood_joint_construction

Sub-floor marine grade plywood with lap joint construction to eliminate floor cracking. Strong, durable aluminum extrusions with permanent rolled edge provide the foundation for mounting the cabinetry and squad bench, while supporting the rolled edge flooring material. Ultra-strong construction for durability, increased safety and minimum bacterial infiltration

MXP150 - 18_Seamless_seat_construction

Seamless interior for easy maintenance, durability and maximum safety

MXP150 - 19_rounded_cabinet_construction

Rounded interior corners throughout the unit

MXP150 - 20a_Anti-skid_step_left

Standard anti-skid lateral step and mud-guards

MXP150 - 21_Monitor_defibrilator

Monitor/defibrillator mounting options

MXP150 - 22_Front_attendant_seat

Front attendant captain’s chair with 3-point seat belt

MXP150 - 23a_Lateral_turn_lights

2 turn lights mounted on intermediate side of body

MXP150 - 24a_Batteries

4 batteries with isolator for chassis & module power (2 in the front & 2 in the back)

MXP150 - 25a_Door_unlock_switch

Electric door locks on all doors with remote

MXP150 - 26_Radio_speakers

2 radio speakers in patient compartment ceiling

MXP15 - 27_Grab_rail

90” ceiling mounted chrome grab rail (options: second 90” grab rail / safety yellow grab handle package, includes second 90” grab rail)

MXP150 - 28_LED_dome_lights

8 LED dome interior ceiling lights with dimmer

MXP150 - 29a_oxygen_outlets

2 oxygen outlets; 1 on left wall (option: 1 more) and 1 on right wall

MXP150 - 30a_12V_outlets

4_12VDC outlets (2 in action wall, 1 in defib location, 1 in ALS compartment)

MXP150 - 31a_110V_outlets

3_110VAC outlets (2 in action wall, 1 in defib location, 1 in ALS compartment)

MXP150 - 32_IV_hooks

4 recessed/flexible IV hooks in ceiling

MXP150 - 33_Waste_trash

Hazardous waste trash compartment

MXP150 - 34_Glove_box_holders

Option: multiple glove box holder (5) above squad bench

Option: Side bench window (41”x20”)

MXP150 - 36_Safety_net

Option: Safety net

Option: Auxiliary control panel

Option: 5 lbs ABC fire extinguisher in cabin

MXP150 - 39a_Rub_rail_left

Option: Exterior module aluminum rub-rail

Option: Driver’s intention light on back wall

Best in class payload capacity meeting the KKK requirement: up to 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) for a F450 and 2,000 lbs for a F350 (907 kg) offering additional space for medical equipment

MXP150 - 42_NEW_visibility_windows

New high visibility windows – Unique and NEW in the industry; automobile style window design engineered for ambulance requirements, the new Demers Applied Flush Mount Windows on side and rear doors provide more natural light inside the vehicle, more visibility to the outside, easier to clean, higher durability (less metal parts = less possible corrosion), lighter, and improved esthetic