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Why should vehicle maintenance be performed?

The following describes the average scheduled maintenance required for your ambulance. Maintenance is an investment that will bring forth benefits such as improved reliability, durability and resale value.

Carefully following this schedule will help protect against major repair expenses resulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance.

It is the owner's or operator's responsibility to see that all scheduled maintenance is performed and that the maintenance or replacement items used meet Demers Ambulances engineering specifications. Failure to perform scheduled maintenance specific to this guide will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by lack of maintenance.

We strongly suggest all receipts or maintenance-related documents supporting the completed maintenance or repair work are kept with the vehicle. Confirmation of the work performed should always be recorded.

Your Demers Ambulances retailer or Demers Ambulances Service Center has trained technicians who can perform the required maintenance using Demers Ambulances genuine parts. They are highly committed to meet all your service needs and ensure your total and continuing satisfaction.

Check list
Protecting your investment

To ensure proper vehicle and emission control system performance, it is imperative that scheduled maintenance be completed at designated intervals as prescribed in the check list.

Demers Ambulances strongly recommends the use of Genuine Demers Ambulances replacement parts. After-market parts other than OEM-certified or OEM-authorized remanufactured parts* used for maintenance, replacement or for servicing must be equivalent to Genuine Demers Ambulances parts in performance and durability. It is the owner's responsibility to determine whether these after-market items are equivalent or not.

Please consult your Warranty Guide, included in the Owner’s Manuel, for complete warranty information.

* Certified or authorized by Demers Ambulances

Recommended maintenance schedule

Click here for details and check list.

Additional checks & services

Refer to mileage intervals for additional checks and services recommended by the platform manufacturer.

Any adverse condition should be brought to the immediate attention of your Demers Ambulances dealer or qualified service technician for proper service advice or repair.