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Expertise, teamwork, and dynamic energy
Alain Brunelle

A Certified Mechanical Engineer with Management degrees from universities in North America, Europe and Asia, Alain Brunelle has more than 25 years' experience in the vehicle manufacturing industry, with Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., Camoplast Inc., and today, Demers Ambulances. As President and General Manager, Alain brings to Demers Ambulances his solid, extensive experience in both strategic development and product development. He has created and directed many task forces within the Demers Ambulances organization in order to reduce costs and increase productivity, contributing to a better strategic positioning of the company. He is recognized as an industry leader in strategic planning, team building, and notably for his integrity. His experience in other highly technical and unique vehicle construction endeavours has further improved Demers Ambulances ’ overall production capabilities and quality control.

Alain leads the company's projects from quotation to final delivery of the last unit, while ensuring compliance with all aspects of customer requirements. His committed goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations in all areas of their relationship with Demers Ambulances.

President & General Manager
Executive Vice President
Director, Engineering