Robin Demers

Robin has accumulated over 27 years of experience in development and manufacturing of ambulances. Excellent knowledge of the tomer service. He acted as customer support for troubleshooting problems in the field for over 20 years.

With his extensive knowledge of the product, fabrication and assembly processes. Recognised by our clients, for the quality of cus product and of the customer needs he is the extension of the client on our production line. Quality, integrity, efficiency are the core values he carries and protect at all time.

  • Over 30 years in building ambulances.
  • Excellent ability to listen, understand and answer to client’s needs
  • Final inspection of finished product: recognised for his focus on quality
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the product (mechanics, electrical and quality)
  • Deep understanding of the client’s needs (field experience: over 20 years of customer relation)
  • Recognised for his rigor at work and for its ability to deliver a top quality product.
  • Excellent trouble shooting ability, finding solutions that will be appropriate to the field (clients operations)
  • Research and development, demonstrated a high level of creativity and open mind favourable to innovation
  • Supported the “hot line” of Demers ambulances for 20 years, being available 24 hrs / 7 days to answers to clients’ needs
  • Participated in the improvement of quality control programs as well as production process, thereby reducing the number of rework items and hours by half
  • His deep knowledge of the product and its surrounding, served many of our client requiring specific needs
  • In 1992, developed a new vehicle with an aerodynamic roofline which offered a very simple approach to maintenance. This product was greatly appreciated by our clients and the overall concept is still used today.
  • His passion for vehicles, is proven by his deep involvement in mechanics, at work as well as in his personal activities (boat and car mechanics)
  • Official inspector for APBA (American Power Boat Association), acting worldwide as an inspector pre-races during “grand-prix” and other major events (to insure quality and security)
  • Canadian champion in carting.
Specific training
Mechanical fabrication and assembly
Electrical wiring and troubleshooting
Body repair work and painting
Continuous improvement and value added production
2003-Present Demers Ambulances
Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer, delivering ambulances worldwide.Since 1992
Started as an assembler (mechanic and electric)
Was one of the owners (Demers family) since 1992 to 2006
Developed a specialty for inspection, certification and quality of the product, new product development