FDIC eFX Demers Ambulances

The eFX made an exciting debut at the FDIC event, in April, where it was an honor for Demers Ambulances and the DBCM family to showcase this groundbreaking vehicle to a diverse audience of industry professionals. The electric ambulance generated significant interest and drew a large crowd, even among attendees familiar with the DBCM brands. […]

NOV 5, 2021 – Quebec Building Charging Infrastructure in Montreal

Beloeil, QC November 5, 2020 − Demers Ambulances USA Inc. (‘’Demers’’) unveils a new Type I ambulance today through a virtual product launch. The Crestline CCL 150 Type I is the latest addition to the CCL 150 full-featured lineup of Crestline brand ambulances that offers safety and durability, at an affordable price. The CCL 150 […]