DBC Ambulance Manufacturers Delivers Nineteen New Ambulances to FDNY


Demers Ambulances, Braun Ambulances, and Crestline Coach assisted New York City
Fire Department with quick turnaround on units for urgent COVID-19 response.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 11, 2020 – VAN WERT, OHIO: Demers-Braun-Crestline (DBC) delivered nineteen new ambulances to New York City Fire Department (FDNY).  New York City was deemed an epicenter in the United States for the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency vehicles will aid FDNY in ambulance surge capacity for coronavirus response. The ambulances were rented under a fifteen-month lease agreement with DBC’s leasing agency partner.


“We have always fostered an open dialogue with FDNY,” says Chad Brown, Vice President of USA Sales for Demers-Braun-Crestline. “New York City’s first responders have experienced some very challenging periods in recent years. This time, we were honored to assist them by delivering nineteen new ambulances from our Demers, Braun, and Crestline product lineup. It is critical for front-line heroes to have dedicated resources such as emergency vehicles and equipment to successfully care for their communities. We are thankful to play a role in that for New York City.”


Demers-Braun-Crestline pulled from in-stock inventory at their facilities, and their dealer partner locations, to source the nineteen new ambulances. This allowed DBC to offer FDNY a wide selection of models, available for immediate delivery. The first batch of vehicles was delivered on May 19, 2020; the second caravan arrived on May 28, 2020. Included in the delivery were six Demers’ ambulances, seven Braun models, and six Crestline units. All ambulances feature cot restraint systems to meet the city’s specifications, as well as the iconic FDNY graphics package.


The New York City Fire Department made an announcement on Facebook regarding the new ambulances. “The ambulances have arrived in New York City, and will be deployed into service as EMTs and paramedics continue to respond to New Yorkers in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the busiest period in the history of EMS, with call volume increasing by 50% daily at the height of the pandemic.”


View the FDNY delivery video here. For more information about this delivery, please contact Vanessa Bomboir, Marketing Manager for Demers-Braun-Crestline at 306.986.5677 or vbomboir@crestlinecoach.com.


About Demers-Braun:


Demers Ambulances, Braun Ambulances, and Crestline Coach are three distinct brands owned by Demers-Braun. The second largest ambulance manufacturing organization in North America, Demers-Braun has been recognized for leadership in innovative design and quality products. With over a 140 years of combined history serving the emergency response market worldwide, Demers Ambulances, Braun Ambulances, and Crestline Coach offer a wide-range of ambulances, specialty vehicles, and small to mid-sized buses. To learn more about the respective brands, visit their websites at www.Demers-Ambulances.com, www.BraunAmbulances.com, and www.CCL150.com.