Montreal, June 14th, 2017– Demers Ambulance, a North American leader in ambulance manufacturing, has announced the selection of its 2016 Ford Transit Type II Ambulance as a Hot Product from the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) EMS Today Conference & Exposition, which was held February 23-25 in Salt Lake City.

Demers Ford Transit Ambulance was selected after a team of judges consisting of emergency medical services (EMS) product specialists, physicians, educators, managers and paramedics reviewed a host of products designed to not only improve the ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to critically ill and injured patients, but that also allow EMS agencies to do it safely, more efficiently and with enhanced comfort for the patient. Products were rated on four distinct categories: originality, functionality, ease of use and need in the EMS setting.

Only 30 innovative products received the JEMS Hot Product award. The selection of the final 30 Hot Products appears in the June issue of JEMS and can also be viewed at

“The Demers Ford Transit is the next wave in transportation vehicles for agencies that have relied on Type II vans for many years,” said A.J. Heightman, JEMS Editor-in-Chief. “The size of the vehicle and its capabilities appear to be just right for the industry. Mixing that with primary basic life support and some smaller advanced life support needs seems to be an ideal package.”

Unveiled in 2016, Demers Ford Transit Type II Ambulance features an aerodynamic roof to maximize lighting, save fuel and reduce noise; strong aluminum cabinetry with adjustable shelves; ducted five-vent ceiling HVAC system for improved heating and cooling; and maximized cargo capacity to increase storage, equipment and occupant room. “We are proud of our Transit Ambulance and its potential to support the first responder community,” said Benoit Lafortune, Demers Ambulances executive vice president. “We are honored to receive this prestigious acknowledgement from JEMS as it shows we are providing a needed industry solution.”

About Demers Ambulances

Founded in 1960, Demers Ambulances is the second largest ambulance manufacturer in North America, delivering more than 18,000 ambulances to more than 20 countries. Recognized as a leader in innovative products that meet and exceed the expectations of medical emergency specialists around the world, Demers Ambulances is accredited by Transport Canada, recognized as a “Qualified Vehicles Modification” (QVM) by Ford, and also holds the US National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Member Verification Program (MVP) certification. To learn more about Demers Ambulances, visit