Lion and partners to accelerate the electrification of heavy transport


Investments of $15.8 million to develop all-electric specialty urban trucks and the next generation of electric ambulances

St. Jérôme, November 22 – The Lion Electric Co., its partners and the Quebec Government are launching a major project to integrate equipment and technologies into all-electric heavy-duty vehicles. The estimated $15.8 million project, to which the government is contributing $7.9 million, will allow the development, in Quebec, of the only heavy-duty electric specialty vehicles perfectly integrated to date. The project will lead to the manufacture, in Quebec, of a new generation of all-electric ambulances and various types of specialty urban vehicles, including refuse trucks and bucket trucks. The mobilization of seven industry partners marks the birth of a genuine movement toward electric trucking in Quebec’s urban centers and an industry that will generate substantial economic benefits
and contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


The Lion chassis: a versatile platform with huge potential

Owing to a brand of expertise that is unique in North America, Saint-Jérôme-based Lion designs and assembles all of the components of urban trucks from classes 5 to 8, as well as the all-electric minibus whose chassis and electric powertrain will serve as a platform to accommodate the various applications. In their respective fields of expertise, the partner companies will work to develop, manufacture and integrate specialized equipment and technologies on Lion electric vehicles.

Momentum for durable and adapted heavy vehicles

The government’s contribution to the project gives significant impetus to the industry’s research and development efforts to accelerate growth and further integrate the electric road transport sector into the markets.

With the use of heavy gasoline-powered vehicles being responsible for nearly 50% of urban motor traffic and generating substantial volumes of GHGs and noise pollution, it is imperative that the electric road transport sector accelerate its growth and develop sustainable solutions that are compatible with urban spaces. Ultimately, the announced investments will make it possible to produce all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in Québec, with an 80% reduction in energy costs, a 60% reduction in maintenance costs and 100% more environmentally friendly footprint than the combustion vehicles currently in use in our cities.

At a glance

— The collaborative project being launched by the partners is estimated at $15.8 million, which includes $7.9 million from the Government of Quebec;
— Seven partners have committed to the project: The Lion Electric Co., Demers manufacturier d’ambulances, Posi-Plus Technologies, Fourgons TRANSIT, Boivin Évolution, Systèmes PRAN and MAXIMETAL;
— The project will open the door to the Quebec-based manufacture of a variety of all-electric urban trucks and vehicles: dry cargo or refrigerated freight trucks, mobile workshop trucks, bucket trucks, refuse trucks and ambulances;
— The all-electric Lion urban truck, which will be equipped with specialty equipment, is entirely designed and made in Quebec and boasts a 400-kilometers range;
— The all-electric Lion minibus will be the basis for a new generation of ambulances with technological enhancements and emphasis on patient comfort;
— By contributing to the electrification of transport, this project – which will revolutionize the use of heavy-duty vehicles in urban centres – plays a crucial role in Quebec’s energy transition.


“By combining their efforts and their expertise, the companies that are partnering in this mobilizing project will be able to develop a new generation of ambulances and various types of fully electric urban specialty trucks, such as waste refuse trucks and bucket trucks. This project is in line with our government’s vision of electrifying the Québec economy, particularly the transportation sector, with a clear objective: to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while enriching our economy.”

– Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region

“I am very pleased with the financial contribution announced this morning by my colleague, the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon. Electric heavy-duty vehicles targeted by the mobilizing project announced today have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec and abroad totaling nearly 3 million tons of CO2 over a horizon of ten years after their commercialization. This is an important contribution to the achievement of our global objective to improve Quebec’s environmental footprint, including in the transportation sector.”

– Mr. Benoit Charette, Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change

“The City of St. Jérôme is proud of The Lion Electric Co.’s dynamism and sustained commitment. The mobilization announced today is structuring, innovative and significant for the region as well as for the whole province of Quebec. More than ever, it is essential for all actors to unite in order to reduce our environmental footprint and face the challenges of climate change.”

– Stéphane Maher, Mayor, City of St. Jérôme

“The electrification of transports is one of our priorities. And Hydro-Québec wants to be a leader in this field by supporting the electrification of heavy-duty trucks. Congratulations to the Lion Electric Co. and other partners who contribute to making Quebec a reference in electric transportation!”

– Mrs. Claudine Bouchard, Vice-President DistributionSystem, Hydro-Québec

“The partnership announced today sends a strong signal that the government and industry are united in their desire to accelerate Quebec’s energy transition by revolutionizing the urban trucking industry. Thanks to its world-renowned expertise, The Lion Electric Co. is proud to be a central part of this innovative project and to work with like-minded companies to highlight the potential for large-scale deployment of our multi-purpose electric vehicles.”

– Marc Bédard, President and founder, The Lion Electric Co.

“MAXIMETAL is proud to bring its flair for innovation and customer-oriented solutions to this major collaborative project. The design and manufacture of optimized intervention vehicles is our specialty, and we will enthusiastically apply our expertise to the development of all-electric mobile workshop trucks.”
– Danny Dufour, President, MAXIMETAL

“Fourgons TRANSIT is proud to contribute to the development of more efficient equipment for the transport of dry, specialized and refrigerated goods, while collaborating in the development of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project is an important step in our commitment, ongoing since 1978, to provide sustainable products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

-Louis Leclair, President, Fourgons TRANSIT

“Posi-Plus Technologies is proud to be part of this pioneering transport-electrification initiative in partnership with The Lion Electric Co. This collaboration demonstrates the innovative spirit of Québec companies and their desire to embody sustainable development. The vision that drives us will contribute to the future prosperity of our transportation equipment and will strengthen Québec’s image as a technological leader!”

-Christian Poudrier, President, Posi-Plus Technologies

“We are pleased to work with The Lion Electric Co. and PRAN Systems to develop an ambulance at the cutting-edge of technology and sustainable development. Together, we will create an innovative ambulance module, with improved functionality, ergonomic features for ambulance attendants and greater comfort for the patients. The government’s contribution to this process gives us a significant boost.”

-Alain Brunelle, President, Demers Ambulances

“PRAN Systems is proud to be part of the group of companies that will once again showcase Quebec’s expertise in the electric transport sector. The support of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation for this collective initiative will make it possible to move forward and realize our vision of a next generation of ecological vehicles adapted to our urban environments. The Demers, Lion and PRAN partnership will help develop the next generation of the most efficient and least polluting ambulances for its users.”

-Daniel Arteau, President, PRAN Systems

“As a leader in the design of all-electric waste-collection cargo boxes, BOIVIN ÉVOLUTION is proud to be part of this group project. We would like to thank the MEI for its support for this initiative, which will allow us to continue our collaboration with The Lion Electric Co. and offer an all-electric waste collection truck. This is an all-Quebec world first!

-Claude Boivin, President, Boivin Evolution

About The Lion Electric Co.
Lion is an innovative manufacturer of zero emission vehicles. We create, design and manufacture all-electric school buses, minibuses for paratransit and urban transportation and commercial trucks. Lion stands out as the North American electric OEM leader. We design, build and assemble all our vehicles’ components: chassis, battery packs, cabin and powertrain. Always actively seeking new technologies, Lion builds vehicles with unique features that are specifically adapted to its users and their everyday needs. We believe that transitioning to all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements in our society, environment and overall quality of life.