The Type 3, 151 inch modular body ambulance is loaded with exclusive technology and more standard features than any other ambulance in its class. With its shortened wheelbase and light weight construction, the ambulance has increased maneuverability and fuel efficiency, which is ideal for both an urban and rural settings. The door forward design provides an optimized interior workspace for paramedics by placing all needed equipment within arm’s reach while being seated and buckled in.  With all of its standard features, the MX 151 delivers the best value for your investment.

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Door Forward Design
Expanded curbside attendant seating and equipment area, Increased ergonomics, stay safely seated
Streetside rear ALS
Easy inside/outside access, keeps equipment within reach
Clever Cabinetry
Industry compliant and tested, Occupant Safety, Interior Durability, Lighter Weight, Increased Payload
Standard Multiplex Electronic Management System
Remote diagnosis, Operational Efficiency, Decreased down time
Maximized Payload
Best in Class payload capacity, Increased Fuel Economy, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Dual Ducted HVAC
AC ducted from ceiling, Heat ducted from floor, Improved Heating and Cooling, Efficiency, Occupant comfort
Dual compartment door seals
Keeps the elements out, Elimination of Water and Dust intrusion into compartments. Clean equipment, less maintenance
EcoSmart Idle Reduction System
Fuel Savings, Emissions Reduction, Operational Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Chassis Ford E350