The MX 170 is our state-of-the-art, full-size Type III ambulance, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS specialists. Tested to global standards, this ambulance is built with unique features such as full-length, all-aluminum extruded door construction for maximum storage access without compromising structural integrity. Offered with our industry-leading mobility track seat as an option, the MX 170 is the leader in its category.

Demers’ Type III ambulances come from the factory preloaded with features. Because all our designs are tested to the highest industry standards, you can be sure your EMS Specialists can care for their patients in the most high-tech, ergonomic and safest Type III ambulance on the market. You’ll also be driving more dollars to your bottom line because Demers’ Type III ambulances lead their category for total cost of ownership.

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Designed for efficient patient care
Optional Mobility Track Seating
For Better Access To Critical Equipment
Affordably priced & loaded with features –
Good For Your Bottom Line
Up to 8% fuel cost savings
High-visibility flush mount windows
Top of the category in total cost of ownership
Significant reduction in maintenance costs
Standard multiplex electronic management system
For Remote Diagnostics, Operational Efficiency And Reduction Of Down Time
Chassis Chevrolet Express 4500 | Ford E450
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