Intelligently powering the emergency response fleets of today and tomorrow

The next generation of Multiplex systems enables the dynamic integration of the latest technological innovations, providing paramedics with a more reliable, high-performance and interconnected ambulance.

Its decentralized architecture simplifies wiring complexity and allows for the optimization of vehicle payload and energy consumption. Besides its structural difference, the new Multiplex Modular Connected (MMC) provides standardized digital controls of the ambulance, enabling paramedics to get full control of their working environment and comfort. This innovation also streamlines fleet managers’ work by optimizing the maintenance and performance of deployed vehicles.

Overall, the MMC is a technological upgrade designed to support upcoming feature additions and support further connectivity. This innovative Multiplex system is gradually being deployed across Demers ambulance models, helping paramedic services to gain efficiency in the field and enabling enhanced patient care.


The MMC Multiplex at a glance


Emergency Flash lights
smooth pattern

​Indicate your intervention to alert road users without impairing their vision. The Smooth Pattern is an innovative feature that gently diminishes the light intensity of emergency flashes when in Park mode. This approach is smoother on the eyes, as the Primary/Secondary lights continue to effectively draw attention to the scene, enabling EMS providers to work securely while providing passers-by with a clearer understanding of their surroundings.

Emergency Flash lights

​Adjust the brightness of the emergency lighting depending on the surrounding lighting levels. This advanced system detects and adjusts emergency light intensity depending on the ambulance environment. Whether daytime, nighttime or when passing through a tunnel, paramedics can drive confidently, knowing that the ambulance will effectively draw attention without causing glare to other drivers. This not only reduces eye fatigue but also enhances overall road safety.


LCD Touchscreens
to ease features commands

Experience comprehensive ambulance control at your fingertips with highly responsive touchscreens providing both visual and audio feedback. Additional features, an ergonomic display, and intuitive navigation empower EMS personnel with broader control over their ambulances. Equipped with 4.3" panel controls in both the front cab and the care module, paramedics can harness the full range of features to shorten response times and provide efficient patient care.

Wireless diagnostic
to reduce overall downtime

Access electrical diagnostic in a flash! The only tool required is a cell phone and a free mobile app. Instant access to in-depth information is key to getting back on the road faster. We've made that easy, in real-time and always available. No matter the situation, you can swiftly access the data and tap into our Customer Care support to troubleshoot your ambulance right on the spot. Our dedicated technicians are standing by, ready to assist promptly and committed to minimizing service time.

ambulance connectivity for smarter operations

The most comprehensive AVL/CAN interface on the market

The MMC seamlessly integrates with continually evolving chassis-embedded technologies and offers over 100 signals through the AVL-CAN interface, enabling emergency services to leverage the data the ambulance collects throughout the missions, whether it's from the chassis, care module, medical equipment or driver behaviour. The importance of telematics is growing, especially when it comes to electric vehicle deployment. The ambulance's state of charge will become a crucial aspect at dispatch time. When seconds matter and life is at stake, data-driven decision-making can be vital.
There is a growing number of AVL solution providers to help ambulance services leverage the data collected by vehicles. In this fast-evolving industry, Demers Ambulances aspires to be brand-neutral to provide hardware that supports broader functionality. The MMC Multiplex is an enabler, unlocking the limitless potential of intelligence to drive efficiency gains and enhance patient care.

battery protection for ambulance availability

Low-power sleep mode

Store your ambulances with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be ready for action when needed! The Low-Power Sleep Mode enables longer unplugged storage, reducing battery draining.

Thanks to the efficient low-consumption sleep mode, your ambulance remains primed for immediate deployment even after extended storage periods.

Shoreline Indicator

Before embarking on a mission from the operational center, take a second to assess the battery status. The new shoreline indicator gives real-time information on the charging status of batteries. This at-a-glance feature ensures that your ambulance is ready for immediate deployment, eliminating any unwelcome surprises and contributing to a seamless start to your mission. ​

Battery Isolator

Rely on the battery isolator protection to ensure a safe engine start, even if the care module battery is depleted. The SSR (Solid-State Relay) provides an extra layer of defense for your chassis battery, preventing any potential drain caused by the care module even after prolonged storage. This assurance ensures that your ambulance is always mission-ready.

proven technology

Powered by PRAN Systems

The MMC Multiplex is an innovative advancement built upon the trusted PRAN multiplexing systems, which have been integrated into over fifteen thousand Demers ambulances over the last seventeen years.

This next generation of Multiplex harnesses the power of this proven technology evolution, allowing Demers Ambulances to maintain its commitment to excellence and seamless customer support, helping EMS services maximize ambulance availability and reduce maintenance costs.


Yes, MMC is the new standard in all Demers ambulances. Progressive rollout is scheduled across our different platforms and regions. See the deployment schedule in the section below for more details.

Yes, the MMC Multiplex touchscreens have been developed for EMS application. They are sensitive enough to function with two layers of gloves.

  • In Canada: PRI / SEC, Wig Wag, Howler / Rumbler in the front and Exhaust fan, Succion, Ceiling Lights at the back. 
  • In the USA: PRI / SEC, Air Horn, Fog Lights and Exhaust fan, Succion, Ceiling Lights at the back.

The standard package includes two screens: one in the front cab on the driver console, and another one at the back in the care module. An additional screen in the back is available as an option.

The MMC digital touchscreen allows greater flexibility. Functionalities can be added through the AUX menu by software update, expanding the system’s capabilities to suit your needs.

In addition to the usual functionalities, the MMC care module control panel features additional controls such as:

  • Built-in clock 
  • Display brightness control
  • Repetitive timer alarm (stopwatch)
  • Error log display
  • Intention lights and Transmission indicators

The MMC allows flexibility to add optional features directly integrated into the AUX menu.

The rear clock is now integrated into the MMC screen in the module. The treating paramedic can track time in a glimpse without moving his head around while keeping focus on the patient. However, the physical rear clock is available as an option.

The VisionPlex Mobile application is available for free on your preferred app store:

MMC is the multiplex with the most signals on the market. Currently, over 100 signals over are built-in. MMC flexible protocol allows easy add-in by software updates. This new multiplex is a dynamic platform designed for continuous improvement. 

Yes, the MMC Multiplex enables flexibility and easy integration with telematics providers through CAN protocols. Our vision is to ensure compatibility with best-in-class third-party specific hardware providers so EMS services can leverage the data collected by their ambulances to enhance fleet performance, safety, and environmental responsibility. Ultimately, emergency services will decide to use the third party of their choice, whether Acetech, PRAN, Telus (SkyHawk), CDWare, GeoTab, or other suppliers. 

We are currently developing a solution to allow equipment tracking. This new feature will be deployed in the upcoming versions. Note that the MMC Multiplex is a dynamic system updated by software so that you can leverage the latest innovations right away.

Updating the MMC Multiplex system is now a breeze. Simply connect your laptop to the MMC via a standard USB port and reach out to Customer Care. They’ll efficiently update the system remotely, ensuring a quick and seamless process.

deployment schedule


MX 164 (Quebec)
In production since September 2022
Transit TX (All regions)
In production since June 2023
MX 164 (Ontario and Alberta)
Scheduled for March 2024
MXP 170
Scheduled for July 2024
MXP 150
Scheduled for August 2024
MX 152 (Ontario)
Scheduled for September 2024
MX 164 (Western Canada)
Scheduled for November 2024
MX 170
Scheduled for December 2024
MX 151 (Quebec)
Scheduled for January 2025


In production since July 2023
MXP 170
Scheduled for July 2024
MXP 150
Scheduled for August 2024
MXP 153
Scheduled for August 2024
MX 164
Scheduled for August 2024
Scheduled for September 2024
MX 170
Scheduled for December 2024