Our Type III ambulances are built for both crew comfort and occupant safety, providing innovative standard features to make your job easier. With superior overall design, Demers Type III vehicles combine safety, innovation, and quality – all with the goal of getting you home safely.

Demers MX 170 is a full-size Type III ambulance, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment. Tested to the harshest global standards, this ambulance is built with unique features including all-aluminum extruded door construction creating maximum storage access, and can be equipped with Demers mobility track seat amplifying crew/patient safety.

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Clever Cabinetry
Pull Tested Aluminum, Occupant Safety, Interior Durability, Lighter Weight, Increased Payload
Standard Multiplex Electronic Management System
Remote Diagnosis, Operational Efficiency, Decreased Down Time
Maximized Payload
Best in Class Payload Capacity, Increased Fuel Economy, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Dual Ducted HVAC
AC Ducted from Ceiling, Heat Ducted from Floor, Improved Heating and Cooling, Efficiency, Occupant Comfort
Exclusive Aerodynamic Roof Design
Saves Fuel, Maximizes Lighting, Reduces Noise
Largest in Class ALS Compartment, Maximum Storage Space, Bags / Tools / Gear
All LED Lighting Standard
LED Cabinet Lights, LED Compartment Lights, LED Emergency Lights
Mobility Track
Attendant Safety, Attendant Ergonomics, Treat Patients and Reach Equipment while Seated and Belted
Ecosmart Idle Reduction System
Fuel Savings, Emissions Reduction, Operational Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Chassis Chevrolet Express 4500 | Ford E450