The Type 3, 152 inch modular body ambulance is loaded with exclusive technology and is engineered to meet the most rigorous North American certification standards. With its shortened wheelbase and high performance Mercedes chassis, the vehicle boasts increased maneuverability and fuel efficiency, which is ideal for both an urban and rural settings.

Download the Demers HVAC brochure.

Exclusive fold out side entry step
Safely folds out of wat, increases floor space, eliminates step hazard, mechanical reliability.
Clever Cabinetry
Industry compliant and tested, Occupant Safety, Interior Durability, Lighter Weight, Increased Payload
Standard Multiplex Electronic Management System
Remote diagnosis, Operational Efficiency, Decreased down time
Maximized Payload
Best in Class payload capacity, Increased Fuel Economy, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Dual Ducted HVAC
AC ducted from ceiling, Heat ducted from floor, Improved Heating and Cooling, Efficiency, Occupant comfort
Exclusive Aerodynamic Roof Design
Saves Fuel, Maximizes Lighting, Reduces Noise
All LED Lighting Standard
LED Cabinet Lights, LED Compartment lights, LED Emergency Lights
EcoSmart Idle Reduction System
Fuel Savings, Emissions Reduction, Operational Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Chassis Mercedes Benz 3500