Demers Ambulance is built upon a core set of values that guide us in our relationships with our customers, our interactions with our dealers, how we conduct ourselves and our connections with the communities in which we serve.

These core values, also known as our brand attributes, or “Demers DNA” represent the essence of our brand and have a real and lasting impact on the way we conduct our business. We believe these values come into play in each and every customer experience and are essential to the ultimate success of our company and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our DNA consists of the following elements.

elements of demers dna


Your safety, and the safety of all who ride in our ambulances, is our calling. When it comes to safety, we have a clear understanding of what is at stake and are dedicated to keeping you, your crew and patients out of harm’s way by going beyond typical safety standards.


We know that innovation is paramount and embrace it, finding new and better ways to aid in saving lives – yours and your patients.


For every ambulance we produce, the quality of materials, craftsmanship and testing are critical. Our vehicles are built for long-term quality and durability, lowering your total cost of ownership and making us a top value for your investment.

Trusted Partner

We’re a loyal and trusted partner to you and the community. With us, you don’t have an ambulance, you have a partner. When you buy an ambulance from us, your vehicle is our vehicle. At Demers, we work as a family with a long history of keeping you safe.