Demers’ Type II ambulances are built for the long run. Because all our designs are tested to the highest industry standards, you can be sure your EMS Specialists can care for their patients in the most ergonomic and safest Type II ambulance on the market. You’ll also be driving more dollars to your bottom line because Demers’ Type II ambulances lead their category for total cost of ownership and best resale value. Superb overall design and construction and innovative standard features that offer comfort, safety and savings: What’s not to like?

The EX Sprinter stands alone in the Type II category, thanks to its unique aerodynamic front cab riser, engineered to match the Mercedes Sprinter design. It features Demers’ unmatched ergonomic safety features, plus details that have set new standards in an industry where each detail matters.

Exclusive Aerodynamic Roof Design
Saves Fuel, Maximizes Lighting, Reduces Noise
Ducted Ceiling HVAC System
Improved Heating and Cooling, Efficiency, Occupant Comfort
Maximized Payload
Best in Class Payload Capacity, Increased Fuel Economy, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Maintenance Cost
Clever Cabinetry
Industry Compliant and Tested, Occupant Safety, Interior Durability, Lighter Weight, Increased Payload
Vertical O2 Storage At Rear
Easy to Access, Easy to Change Tank
Easy Electrical Access Door Below Action Area
Accessibility, Lockable, Space for Radios and Electronics
Increased Cab Ergonomics
Recessed Bulkhead for Seat Recline and Maximum Crew Comfort
Standard Multiplex Electronic Management System
Remote Diagnosis, Operational Efficiency, Decreased Down Time
Chassis EX Sprinter 2500
Recent EX Sprinter Deliveries