Los Pinos Fire District

MXP 150

Type I Ambulance Models

2018 marks Los Pinos’ second order of Demers ambulances. Los Pinos Fire District have been and continue to use the type I Demers MXP 150 mounted on a Dodge RAM 4500 4X4 chassis. These units are performant and efficient in whatever environment you put them in.

In saving lives, there is no such thing as compromise. There is no “good enough.” You go all out. And so do we. Our ambulances meet or exceed North American standards for quality and safety, and come loaded with unique and innovative features. Demers is your trusted partner on the road – tested, hardworking and ready to roll.  Our Type I Ambulances are built for the long run. More than just an ambulance, our Type I vehicles are a top value for your investment, leading the industry for total cost of ownership and best resale value. Built for both crew comfort and occupant safety, Demers Ambulances provide innovative standard features to make your job easier. With superior overall design and craftsmanship, Demers Type I vehicles combine safety, innovation and quality – all with the goal of getting you home safely.


We would like to thank Los Pinos Fire District for their continued trust and business.

Type of Delivery: New
Chassis: RAM 4500
Delivery Date: 03/09/2018
Location: Ignacio, CO
Sales Rep: John Scullin