Caldwell County EMS

The need for safer and more functionnal ambulances is what brought Caldwell County EMS to Demers Ambulances. Including Demers Mobility Track system and innovative features such as recessed cabinetry in their design, Caldwell County EMS was able to build ambulances that fill their department’s needs. Utilizing the standard features on the MXP 170 platform and bringing in their custom requests, they were able to take delivery of two high quality ambulances at a price that didn’t break their budgets.


Serving a population of around 40,000 residents, Caldwell County EMS operates out of 3 EMS Stations with 2 full time Dual paramedic staffed ambulances in Lockhart with MICU capabilities, and 2 full time EMT/ Paramedic ambulances with MICU capabilities in Luling.