Planning for the charging infrastructure

Planning the charging infrastructure for electric ambulances is a strategic step in ensuring smooth, efficient emergency response.

Implementing the right charging stations in the ideal locations, foreseeing energy requirements and designing a reliable network are all essential aspects of the planning process. This not only keeps vehicles operational but ensures a smooth transition to more sustainable mobility within emergency medical services. Every detail counts to make sure electric ambulances are immediately available, saving lives while promoting a more environmentally friendly vision of healthcare.

Demers Ambulances and Lion Energy teams are committed to helping you with your planning process. Contact us for support.

eFX charging features

Type: DC Fast Charger
Maximum Output Power: 100 kW**
Output Voltage: 800 V DC
Connector: SAE J1772 Combo (CCS1)

* Corresponds to the maximum power the vehicle can utilize. It can, of course, connect to a more powerful charger, but it will limit the power to this value.

It is worth noting that research is currently in progress to increase battery charging power and allow even faster recharging. This means that customers need to adopt a long-term strategy when choosing charging stations for their ambulance deployment.

According to current analyses, hospitals should be equipped with high-power charging stations (100 kW minimum). Stations in other locations may be less powerful, depending on the conditions of use of each customer. The Demers Ambulances team can help customers choose the right charger for their specific situation.

A list of eFX-compatible charging stations has been issued by Lion Electric. Government subsidies for the purchase and installation of charging stations may be available in your region to facilitate your transition to electric vehicles.

eFX Dimensions

When it comes to planning the space to be allocated to charging stations, it’s important to keep in mind the eFX’s dimensions: 118 inches wide (including mirrors) by 274.24 inches long, with an overall height of 108 inches. The charging port is at the front of the vehicle, beside the passenger access door.


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