Empowering Ambulance Mechanics: The Customer Care Training Advantages

demers maintenance training

The Customer Care at Demers and Crestline goes far beyond just a call center or a garage. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge that we’ve gathered to create a training program on ambulance maintenance. Fully adaptable to your specific needs, it ensures optimal performance of your fleet and reduces vehicle downtime.

We equip your mechanics with all the essential tools, so they are more autonomous in understanding our products, promoting a proactive approach to prevention and even repairs.

Whether it’s simplifying diagnostics, interpreting electrical diagrams, efficiently locating components and details of the care module, or facilitating communication with our teams, our training provides an invaluable resource for the maintenance staff handling your ambulance.

The instructor can visit your site directly or we can host the training session at our offices for your team members. They will not only receive a knowledge transfer but will also be given a guided tour of our production line, granting them an insider’s view of our operations.

Lasting approximately six hours, our training includes a theoretical classroom session as well as hands-on practical exercises around an ambulance unit. Invest in your success with our specialized services!

maintenane training demers
mobile technicians demers

“I would like to thank you for coming to our maintenance facility and providing this training. Your professionalism was very much appreciated and ensured that we got the most value possible from this training session. Our technicians have received a lot of value from this program. Even our more experienced techs learned something. We found your “tips and tricks” to be very useful in daily operations. Many of our longer-term staff were unaware of door adjustment tricks and the jumper point for engine on simulation. For newer staff, the training provided a lot of useful information.

From my operations in support, your resources and diagrams proved very useful for us. We appreciate such a trouble free and easy approach to receiving this information.”

-Mark Boda, Diagnostic Specialist and Fleet Maintenance, City of Calgary.

Demers maintenance training
Demers maintenance training
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