Demers Ambulances Introduces Mobile Stroke Unit

Completely Designed Around Stroke Treatment

Montreal, December 22nd, 2016 – Demers Ambulance, a leader in ambulance manufacturing, recently unveiled a first of its kind mobile stroke unit. Demers’ mobile stroke unit is completely designed around the CT scanner and stroke treatment, making it a unique vehicle for the application.

The goal of Demers’ mobile stroke unit is to shorten the time between stroke onset symptoms and treatment delivery The unit is equipped with a CT scanner and lab equipment as well as telemedicine capabilities for EMTs on board to share information with physicians while they are en route to the hospital. All reinforcements within the vehicle were specifically to accommodate the CT scanner and its motion system.

“From the beginning, it was important to us that we develop a solution that was all about the functionality of the work environment and how it would be used for stroke treatment,” said Mike Pelletier, director of engineering at Demers. Our goal was to create an ambulance that would offer safety and efficiency to the mobile stroke unit team while improving patient care. We take pride in working closely with our customers to be able to deliver on their expectations and thus providing a highly functional product, which has the same focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and quality as all of our ambulances.

Other key features of Demers Mobile Stroke Unit include:

·        An integrated quick locking mechanism for the CT scanner

·        Curbside flip down steps, removing the need for step wells and providing a level floor

·        Accessible, dedicated workstations

·        Hydraulic leveling system

·        Designated Cabinets for  each piece of equipment

·        Recessed action area for  to center the scanner for improved weight distribution

·        Three camera/screen combinations connected to network HUB for telemedicine (located in the ceiling, above the rear doors and into the Lifebot)

·        On board 120 volt generator for back-up power

·        Full lead lining between cab and box to protect crew members in the cab from radiation

Demers first mobile stroke unit was developed for the University of Alberta Health System in Edmonton, Canada. Not only is it Canada’s first mobile stroke unit, but it is also the first in the world to provide mobile stroke care to people living in rural communities.

About Demers Ambulances

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