Demers-Braun-Crestline (DBC): Coronavirus Updates


Demers-Braun-Crestline (DBC): Coronavirus Updates: Last Modified March 17, 2020:

In serving EMS, Fire, private transports, healthcare facilities, and other ‘frontline’ organizations combatting the novel coronavirus response, Demers-Braun-Crestline (DBC) is paying close attention to the latest recommendations on health and safety. The health and safety of our customers, dealer partners, and workforce is our main concern and that is why new guidelines are being applied at all DBC facilities. We are focused on balancing the need to provide life-saving vehicles, while maintaining strict health and safety standards.

The situation is changing rapidly at home and around the world; we will stay abreast of the latest recommendations and shift our policies accordingly. We will utilize our website and social media channels to post updates as they are available. Please revisit this page for the latest information as it is released.

Effective March 13, 2020, these are the preventative measures we have in place at all DBC facilities.

Field/Customer Support: We have our full customer service teams in place, operational and ready to support and assist our customers with any vehicle needs.


Visitor Access at DBC Facilities: We have restricted access at all DBC facilities to business essential needs only. We will continue with dealer/customer visits for vehicle inspections and delivery. During this time, we ask that you please consult with your representative before planning any trips to our facilities.


Virtual Options Are Available: Interactions can and will be conducted via video. We are already accommodating customer requests for video-based inspections. We understand that many of our customers are under travel bans required by their own governments/departments, and we will fully support the rescheduling of plant visits to a later date, if you do not wish to handle them virtually.


Preventative Measures & Self-Assessment: All DBC employees, dealers, and customers, should self-assess their health before coming into our facilities. If you have concerning health symptoms, please reschedule your visit for a later time. Additionally, all DBC special events (such as FDIC and DBC U.S. Service Training programs) have been postponed, with more event postponements likely to be announced in the coming days.


Supply Chain Impact: We are closely monitoring our supply chain for potential disruptions to material flow required for our vehicle manufacturing. Impacts are currently unknown but a significant effort to prevent disruption is already underway. Upcoming impacts may change timelines and other important dates, we will communicate those directly to anyone impacted. We will also make those changes publicly available on this page and our social media.


We are living through unprecedented times. As you report to work and are asked to go above and beyond your call to serve the greater good, we are here to support you.  Now more than ever, “Thank You” seems inadequate to express our gratitude for the first response and healthcare community. You are the true heroes here.