Setting New Standards: A Custom-Designed Ambulance Made for Paramedics

eFX electric ambulance Demers

For the first time in our history, we designed an ambulance by and for paramedics, completely revisiting the care module. The Demers Ambulances team is very proud to share with you the new video produced in collaboration with the Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais.

Discover all the impressive benefits of the innovative FX care module, designed for our paramedics:

• Expanded medical space, exceeding 20% for an MX 164 of the same total length;
• Enhanced and improved workspace centered around the patient;
• Decreased noise levels leading to reduced passenger stress;
• Increased rear door height, facilitating entry and exit;
• Spacious interior with a height of 72 inches;
• Secure storage options for all bags within the vehicle, on a wall, or on a work surface;
• Action seats that allow paramedics to move while being secured;
• An innovative overhead console that offers a wide range of functions.
A presentation of the chassis and care module of the electric ambulance eFX with the participation of 32 paramedics and ambulance service managers

We were extremely grateful that we were able to get incredibly valuable feedback from the paramedics and ambulance managers with regard to the future Lion 5 chassis-cabin and FX care module at Lion Electric. This input is crucial to the Lion and Demers team. This vehicle was made for the paramedic community, so we couldn’t have proceeded without them as our allies. Their feedback will improve the ambulance and bring it to a whole new level, setting the standard in safety, ergonomics, and comfort.


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