The eFX Ambulance Dimensions: Redefining Space and Maneuverability

eFX demers ambulance

While the eFX may appear larger than a standard ambulance, looks can be deceiving. In fact, it’s not bigger at all. The impressive size you see is all thanks to the cab, which is remarkably taller and more compact than your typical ambulance. But here’s the great part: even with its unique design, the eFX maintains the same overall height (108″), providing access to the same areas as any other ambulance out there. Innovation at its finest!

eFX dimensions

The component that is larger is the patient care module is now 184 inches compared to the 164 inches in the MX 164. So although the eFX has the same overall dimensions as an MX 164, what makes it stand out is that it offers an additional 20% more space in the most important area of the ambulance – the care unit. The goal was to offer a better working space for paramedics to move around easier, and be able to provide better care to patients. 

The eFX’s low center of gravity, wheelbase, and position of the wheels also contribute to its low center of gravity and provide better maneuverability than traditional ambulances. As a result of this feature, access to some of our hospitals can be made easier in areas where turns are tight.

  • Turning radius
  • Wall-to-wall (24.5ft instead of 28.1ft) 
  • Curb to curb (22.7 ft. instead of 27.4 ft.)

Furthermore, positioning the driver on the front axle offers an enhanced viewing angle. By sitting higher than in a regular ambulance, the driver enjoys improved visibility all around the vehicle. This, coupled with the eFX’s state-of-the-art 360-degree camera, effectively minimizes blind spots and amplifies the sense of spaciousness, creating an even more secure environment.

eFX dimensions
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