The eFX’s Cab Riser: A Game-Changer for Ambulance Maintenance

eFX cab riser

When designing the eFX, we really wanted to rethink the entire composition of the ambulance and make sure it’s a lot easier to access and manage. You can now access the air conditioning and heating system from the new aerodynamic roof in 5-10 minutes by just removing eight screws holding it together. 

This incredible feature is exclusive to the eFX and uses a revolutionary methodology. 

Designed to save you time, and also make your tasks a lot easier when you’re performing maintenance on the ambulance. This evolution was made possible through several real-life experiences, and the result is a breath of fresh air for our maintenance managers since this is a design feature that really impacts their job, in the best way possible.

Imagine –  a specially designed hood that fits perfectly over the top part of the roof. This sleek design also allows for recessed lights and their waterproof wiring. Moving around in this section of the ambulance is now incredibly easy and a lot more accessible than before. 

Furthermore, the combined rooftop heating and cooling unit has been carefully engineered so that it can be installed easily when the hood is removed. This makes the task of swapping out the HVAC system a breeze and can be done in very little time. It all comes down to the goal of this feature: to get the vehicle back up and running as quickly as possible.

With its groundbreaking Demers innovation, the eFX sets a new standard in energy efficiency. Its sleek design minimizes wind resistance, reducing energy consumption. But that’s not all – we’ve also simplified component access, significantly cutting down on maintenance time. The eFX’s Cab Riser demonstrates our commitment to minimizing downtime and maximizing fleet efficiency. You can be sure that when you choose the eFX, you’re choosing an ambulance that’s ready to respond at all times. With the eFX, your ambulances are always primed for rapid response, 24/7.

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